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Postby GONEHUNTIN' » Wed Jun 22, 2022 10:35 am

IDHunter wrote:
GONEHUNTIN' wrote:I've used a WW for many seasons now and beat tar out of it in the grouse tangles. Orange is faded some, but vest itself is bulletproof. These days, I'm not as much a vest guy as I am a sling pack guy. Love the sling packs.

Is it mostly just the freeing up of your shooting shoulder that draws you to the sling, or have you found other benefits over vests as well?

Boy, any discussion of vests is such a subjective thing. I don't think anyone can recommend one vest over another to anyone else, unless they have tested every vest on the market when they say "This is the best". Sling pack. Since you can sling it to either side, you have total shoulder freedom. When you snap up the gun, you aren't lifting the entire vest. A loaded vest ain't light. It also conforms to your body and I think it's impossible to hand it up in the grouse woods. You can put a ton of stuff in them if you're a masochist. Now, negatives: I carry the water bottles in the back pack so there's no weight on my waste. So, whenever I water the dog, I have to take the pack off. On the prairie, I hand a water bottle carrier on it so I don't have to dog that. Same with birds. Shoot a bird and you have to take the pack off to add the bird. Now, I've just stated that I have to take the pack off for water or birds. That isn't totally true. You do however have to unbuckle the belt and swing it around to get into it. It's actually pretty fast but you do have to unbuckle it. I got mine from Bean's a million years ago so I'm not sure if anyone even makes one anymore. I also use sling packs for fly fishing so I'm kind of a sling pack junkie. Anyhow, hope this helps, that's the good and the bad.
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